The Ultimate Automated Water Analyzer

The Future of ​Water Testing

Every now and then a technology emerges that changes people's lives. For those who test water, that time is now.

The innovative WaterLink® Spin Touch® photometer handles all your pool and spa testing needs and records data each moment a test is done.  Simply fill a multi-test SpinDisk® reagent cartridge with your water sample, insert it in the meter and tap “start.”  All your vital tests are done automatically, thus eliminating user-error.

Results are displayed on the touchscreen display, saved inside the meter, and easily transferred to WaterLink SolutionsTM software to be instantly analyzed, providing step-by-step treatment instructions on your mobile device and test history storage in the cloud.

This is the most advanced system for precise use of wet chemistry methods ever produced! Now pool and spa analysts can achieve precision without time consuming test and clean-up procedures. This ground-breaking analysis system is so simple anyone can use it!

No vials to fill, no prep time, no guessing!


  • Getting test results you can trust
  • Relying on untrained testers for reliable results
  • Preventing pool closures and negative PR
  • Avoiding costly law suits & equipment failures
  • Seeing real time and recording test results at all your pools & spas

Proven analytical chemistry has combined with Centrifugal Fluidics Photometry to create the breakthrough WaterLink Spin Touch

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