Service companies and retail stores can now have eyes on pool water anywhere, any time.

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Field technicians access DataMate Web via the WaterLink Connect mobile app, available for Android® and iOS® devices.

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In-Store water analysis program that generates custom water treatment recommendations for your customers. Printed in proper sequence with precise dosages and clear instructions.

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For Service Professionals & Stores

Your business has changed. Technology has changed. It’s time for a water analysis solution that can keep up with both. No longer limited to storing customer data and providing detailed, step-by-step water treatments catered to your customer’s specific pool or spa, WaterLink® DataMate® Web provides a  wide array of customizable tools essential to thriving in today’s pool and spa caretaker landscape.

For Service Professionals

  • New advanced Scheduling and Routing
  • “e-Doorhangers” quickly capture date, time, description of work done in an email to clients from technicians on-site
  • Complete history kept for every client showing dates, times, water test results and work done


For Stores

  • Share customer data across multiple stores, including field service testing (one database of all customer data regardless of location—whether in-store or on-site testing)
  • Data is securely stored, maintained, and backed-up
  • Customizable step-by-step treatment recommendations

Detailed, Graphic Reports

Clear data is key to understanding how your business operates. How many water tests were performed this month? Which employee is doing the most water testing? Which customers had their water tested most recently? All of this and more is boldly displayed on the dashboard.


Customizable Chemicals and Shopping Cart

DataMate Web offers incredible customization for chemicals, dosage rates, treatment text, and ideal ranges, it also lets you setup actual products. Enter multiple product sizes for a chemical and DataMate Web will determine which size and quantity is appropriate for your customer to purchase to complete the recommendation, displaying this list directly on the water test report.

Full Scheduling and Routing

Manage a full fleet of mobile service technicians with this easy to manage, drag-and-drop style scheduling tool.

  • Schedule appointments for customers
  • Easily build a series of recurring appointments
  • Drag and drop appointments on the day, week, or month calendar view to reschedule them
  • Assign a tech from your team to complete the work
  • Build custom tasks for your techs to complete while on site, like “Backwash the Filter” or “Empty the Skimmer Baskets”
  • Appointments automatically update as technicians perform the work in the field
  • Scheduling is fully integrated with our intuitive WaterLink® Connect mobile app for Android® and iOS®


Mobile Apps for Field Technicians

Field technicians and pool operators access DataMate Web via the WaterLink Connect mobile app, available for Android® and iOS® devices.

Apps are functional even when out of internet range with built-in treatment engine and asynchronous syncing, uploading results to DataMate Web when later connected to internet.

Service Technicians can view their appointment list and complete Work Orders—or even create new Work Orders on the fly. Work Orders include testing water with step-by-step treatment recommendations, completing custom tasks (like “Empty the Skimmer Basket”) and even add a photo and free-form notes.

Once complete, the system automatically notifies the customer of the technician’s work with a professional e-Doorhanger which summarizes the activity the tech performed. A copy of the doorhanger, as well as the tech’s work history is stored in the system.


In-Store Water Analysis Software for Windows

WaterLink® DataMate® Software

The DataMate® 10 software is a user-friendly Windows® PC-based In-Store water analysis program that generates custom water treatment recommendations for your customers. Printed in proper sequence with precise dosages and clear instructions.


Insert three pool chemical lines and two spa chemical lines to reflect your brands. Recommendations for sanitizers, shocks, balancers, algaecides and specialty chemicals can be edited along with ideal test factor levels—and you can add your logo to the test report.


Store customer data like the brand of chlorine (salt) generator, alternative sanitizers, auto cleaner, water feature, filters, pool surface, heater, motor, and more. An equipment log for each customer stores information pertaining to manufacturer, brand, serial number, installation date and warranty expiration.




Test results from the meter go directly into the software from a USB connector or manually typed in for tests such as TDS levels.


The test entry section of the DataMate® 10 includes fields to measure Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Bromine, Biguanide, Biguanide Shock, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Cyanuric Acid, Copper, Iron, Nitrate, Borate, Phosphate, Manganese, Salt, and TDS. There are check boxes for certain water conditions such as water color, stains, cloudy, or foamy. Add your products to remedy problems like enzymes, cover cleaner, filter cleaner, pool opening and closing procedures, weekly maintenance, and salt maintenance procedures.


Unlimited Storage

Unlimited tests can be stored in customer’s files for easy access and reference. In addition, the database can sort information, generate reports, and print labels.

All printed recommendations feature the dealer’s store information—name, address, phone and fax numbers, website, etc., as well as a section to advertise monthly sales or other pertinent information for specific customers.


WaterLink® DataMate® Software

Software Requirements:

Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows® 10; Microsoft® Windows® 8; Microsoft® Windows® 7. Prerequisites: Windows® Installer 4.5 or later; Internet Explorer® 5.01 or later.

Hardware Requirements:

Recommended Minimum: 3 GHz Intel® Pentium® IV, Core 2 processor or higher with 1 GB RAM or more. Minimum disk space: x86 (32 bit)–850 MB x64 (64 bit)–2 GB. High Speed USB 2.0 Port Available.

Choose the Plan That’s Right for You

Different businesses have different needs. DataMate® Web is designed to scale to the size of your business, and offer an incredible price for the complete set of features.

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